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In November 2016, a group of IRPH students made an excursion to Bremen’s Überseemuseum. At the museum, historian Bettina von Briskorn and ethnologist Christian Jarling told the students about German colonialism and imperialism, discussing a variety of exhibits from Samoa, Cameroon, Namibia and other places and what they reveal about (Germany’s) colonial history and its consequences. The excursion was part of IRPH’s course “Empires and Nation States,” which is currently taught by Dr. Julia Timpe and belongs to IRPH’s core module “Global Dynamics in Historical Perspective” 

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On Friday (25.11), the students of Jacobs University that are taking the course Regional Integration of the IRPH module got the chance to get an insight into the diplomatic world. The students of Prof. Dr. Claas Knoop (who himself was a German ambassador to Ethiopia and Djibouti and also the German Representative of the African Union from 2006 – 2010) first visited the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) in Berlin where they not only got introduced to the historical significance of the building of the German Foreign Office but also got familiar with German and European Politics. In the afternoon, the Regional Integration students got the opportunity to visit the European Commission and extend their knowledge of European Integration and other relevant, hot-discussed topics of the European Union. 

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How do we, as a society and as individuals, deal with the repercussions of historical events? And what does this relate to and impact current politics and culture? Students of the triangle course: “History, Memory and Memory Politics” led by one of the leading IRPH course instructors Dr. Julia Timpe went on an excursion to the U-Boot-Bunker Valentin, a site built by forced labourers during the WWII in Farge, Bremen. Like many other IRPH or related courses, “History, Memory and Memory Politics” not only equips students with sound theoretical foundations, but also encourages them to think, research and apply what they have learned in the classroom.

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